Monday, 7 January 2013

Export Philippines fruit from reliable exporters

Import and Export of fruits has become so common nowadays that people are performing it for so many different things. Fruits are among one such thing that are commonly exported and imported from different places. They are aware of the reality that the preference of fruits and that is organic ones are increasing as they are good source of nutrition. Philippines fruits are famous all over the world especially bananas and pineapples.

Fruit importers from different parts of the world provided with good quality, multiple sized, tasty and flavored bananas and pineapples by different exporters. Many such exporting companies are there in Philippines which buy these fruits directly from the farmers at good rates and sell them to the importers who ask for it. These exporters charge genuine for it and they provide good quality fruits. There are different sixes of these fruits sold and their price varies with the size.

Bananas with different finger size are available. One with larger finger size has maximum length of 12 inches and those with small finger size have maximum length of 8.5 inches. The number of these bananas also varies with their size in a box weighing 13.5 kgs. There are nearly 76-88 bananas of in the box weighing 13.5 kgs that are of large size, while there are 85-107 bananas of small size in a box with same weight. Pineapple color also varies with area to which it is being exported. Moreover, the sweetness present in them is minimum 14 brix.